What the Cowboys should really go for in a trade to win in the playoffs

Forget a WR trade. What the Cowboys should really do is trade before the deadline in one or all of the following:

  • Acquire a run stuffing D-lineman. Stopping the run is a weakness this D has had in forever. It was one of the biggest reasons we couldn’t advance in the playoffs last year against the niners. In 2018, we lost to the rams in the divisional round by giving up 270 yards rushing. We still need help in this area.
  • Acquire more depth at LB- to help stop the run (see above) but also to provide depth at a position where on starter (LVE) has injury history and the other (Barr) is past his prime.
  • Acquire more depth at corner- with Jourdan Lewis’ injury, we don’t have enough depth there. Kelvin Joseph is still not ready to be counted on. Rookie Deron Bland is a better option but he’s very untested. Anotger injury here could deplete us further.
  • Add more depth at OL.

Bottom line- with some extra help on defense this team can be playoff ready. Adding a WR won’t be the reason we become a better playoff team. Jerry should be VERY aggressive to upgrade this team. The NFC is wide open. Go get some help for this D!

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