Perspective: Comparing Dallas vs Expansion Carolina and Jacksonville in the playoffs

In 1995, two expansion teams- Carolina and Jacksonville- were added to the NFL. In the 28 seasons since they first entered the league, BOTH Carolina and Jacksonville have won more playoffs games than Dallas and both have appeared in conference championship games multiple times. Since 1995, 26 of the 32 NFL teams have been to a conference championship game. The Cowboys aren’t one of them. But the jags and panthers are.

Comparing Jacksonville and Carolina to Dallas in the playoffs:

  • Total playoff wins since the Jags and Panthers entered the league:
    • Dallas: 5 (all wild card wins)
    • Jacksonville: 8 (including 2 divisional round wins)
    • Carolina: 9 (including 4 divisional round games, and 2 NFC championships
  • Carolina and Jacksonville have been to a combined 7 Conference championships with these QBs
    • Carolina
      • Jake Del Homme
      • Cam Newton
    • Jacksonville:
      • Mark Brunell
      • Blake Bortles

The two expansion teams that entered the league the same year since our last divisional playoff win have each won more playoff games than the Cowboys, won more divisional playoff wins and have 7 conference championship games. Carolina has even been to two SBs.


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