My hope in LB DeMarvion Overshown

If you watched the ESPN broadcast you know what I’m talking about. After Louis Riddick went on and on about how good Overshown is and how he’s the most underrated player in the class they asked the panel what stood out tonight and Riddick goes right back to Overshown to Dallas. With Micah Parsons and DeMarvion Overshown on the field keep your head on a swivel when you’re playing the Cowboys.

I mean, he could be wrong. He mentioned on Day 1 when they were linking Mayer to Dallas that he didn’t believe in Jason Witten. He didn’t see how he could get open in the NFL. Now that was obviously wrong but let’s be honest, we watched Witten his entire HOF career and we can’t explain how he got open either.

Riddick has a personnel background. He’s not just a talking head. I’m hanging on to his evaluation to give me some hope in the pick because to me it seems like we just drafted him to appease Jerry’s grandchild.

My hope is in Louis Riddick.

It’s all I got after that Day 2.

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