Who are your heroes and zeroes? Rams Edition


-Defense. Again… Another 1 TD game. Shut down big plays in second half. If they keep improving, they will lead us to the Promised Land. You knew that Hooker interception was coming. Once the pass rush can just let go in the fourth, all it takes is one of our defensive backs to seal the game.

-Armstrong. Continues to be the playmaker. Some keys plays in 1st quarter that allowed us to start with the lead and that’s how you win with a great defense and conservative offense.

-Cooper, Zeke, Pollard. Wish Rush could make more big plays around his turnover free ball, wish Zeke could still break away for big runs, and wish Pollard could block. But it doesn’t matter, it’s good enough to win!

-Micah. Shrugging off the coaching staff while hurt. Makes the big plays in second half including a forced fumble. Donald looked like the winner of defensive MVP showdown, but Parsons came through when it mattered and showed the NFL who the Defensive Player of the Year will be.

-Maher. None of this would be possible without our money kicker. Maher has redeemed himself and is ballin. A lot of teams lost the game this week with critical missed FGs.

-Big Mac. Time to give this man some freaking credit. Mistake free football. Next man up working at every position. Looking like another great year. When will this man get his credit?


-Schultz. Hurt again, but he did come back. Continues to not show up same as last year, But he is blocking a lot more for this conservative brand of football. When Dak comes back, I think we’ll see more of last year’s Schultz if he can stay healthy.

-Lamb. Not a horrible game, but made a critical drop that could’ve hurt us in the fourth, and was shut down every time Ramsey covered him. Still not sold that this guy is worth a number one contract.

-Terry Bradshaw. It’s painful listening to him call game highlights now. I don’t think he can get through a single game without messing up the score or a name. I don’t know who the personality is who will replace someone this iconic, but the end is near.

-Tyler Smith. Like Lamn, I’ve definitely seen worse but Donald showed the young rookie how to play the game today. That’s the type of game I thought we would see in week one. Not a setback, every rookie has a learning game, and it was against the best DT in football.

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