Thoughts of today’s impressive road win!

The Cowboys now have an identity that is a Super Bowl Formula: Elite Defense, Strong ground attack, protecting the football and a consistent money kicker. This team is looking like that Giant team that won Eli's first SB. Question is, will this formula remain with Dak returning to the lineup?


-Thought both Zeke and Pollard were excellent today. However, Pollard still struggles in pass protection. Would like to see both on the field more.

-Tyler Smith got his welcome to the NFL from the best defensive player in the league. Crazy that they left him on an island. Tyler is excellent against power, but still struggles with quickness. Was very happy with McGovern's play today. Donald did nothing in the 2nd half.

-Both Gallup and Lamb had bad 3rd down drops, this has to be cleaned up.

-Worse contract in the NFL-Dalton Shultz!


-I am eating crow as I thought resigning Armstrong was a mistake. He is on pace for 10 plus sacks and already has a blocked punt and block FG. He might be name as a pro bowl player. Can't believe, Parsons was still making plays after injuring his groin.

-Heading into this game, was very worried about stopping the run as McVay's scheme has always given our defense troubles. Outside of a few early runs, they were excellent.

-Thought Sam Williams played his best game as a Cowboy, he was active in stopping both the run and the pass. Osa is starting to pick up his game as is Hill.

-Diggs gave up a huge chunk play that resulted in their only TD. Kupp in single coverage is very difficult. Think Diggs is better suited against the bigger receivers. Brown continues to play well.

Special Teams

-Maher has become a money kicker, not his fault with the missed extra point.

-Many here complain about Joseph, but he is playing like a special teams pro bowler, thought he might have saved a TD in that late punt return.

-Anger once again had a poor punt that put the defense in a bad situation.

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