Who are your Heroes and Zeroes? Eagles Game 1 Edition

4-2 with our starting QB knocked out week one with a demoralizing loss. Down 20-0 to the best team in the league and almost came back for the win. I’ll take it.


– Micah. As usual, all over the place. 1st quarter was busy. If the Eagles didn’t realize they could still run against our defense, he was schooling their backup RT, which is what you should see with your Defensive MVP.

– Ferguson. Put on some moves out there and allowed to catch. Hendershot had some good tries too that missed him. What was a big worry at depth looks like we’ll be okay if we do lose Schultz this time.

– Zeke. You get the feeling if the Cowboys hadn’t started so behind, Zeke would’ve had a great day. He was starting to gain a lot of momentum in that second half.

– LVE. I said it, silently had a good game. Underrated.

– Right side of offensive line. Another underrated player this year – Steele – thank God we didn’t keep LC. Him and Martin (even pulling some) allowed the offense to get back in the game in the third quarter.

– Turpin. We needed some special teams key plays to get back in this game and he provided them.

– Eagles. Give that team some credit. They are good. I was afraid they were going to be like that this year. I don’t know where people get off talking about their strength of schedule or that their quarterback is horrible. Even though we beat him sound last year he was a tough scrapper, Never gave up.


– Rush. I’m happy he got us to 4-1 but you can’t win when you throw three picks. I think what I respect the most about Rush is his cool personality. No matter what point in the game, he always had the same expression. It’s not too big for him, and it’s nice to know that we have a chance with our back up quarterback because at this point in his career, Dak is injury prone having missed games three years in a row due to injuries.

– Left side of offensive line. Schooled plenty. Tyler really struggling in the 2nd half. Our rookie left tackle stopped what should have been a touchdown to CeeDee to get right back in the game and instead was an interception

– WRs. So we assume if Dak comes back, the offense gets going but I don’t know. They weren’t always that open. They did their best in the hurry up offense. Very frustrating if we have another year where we have to trade for a wideout midseason.

– Defense vs Run. You can put away the doomsday headlines. A doomsday defense can stop the run when needed.

– Kellen Moore. So the first play with the run by CeeDee to .the outside. I’m thinking he’s been watching what all of us have been all week and the Eagles weakness versus the outside run, but then he passes right after that on second and two, and then runs inside with Zeke on third and two. Wanted to run inside a lot more than he should have. And of course that play where we hurry it up when we had the first down, and not only did we not run with 1 yard to go, we passed again. The old cliché is it’s a game of inches. I don’t think Kellen realizes that we don’t have a quarterback who’s going to save the game, I don’t even know why he does some of these plays when we know our defense does not perform until they get ahead because the pass rush is where it’s at. Play conservative, even if it is the Eagles.

– Penalties. After some good mistake free football, the ugly penalty side came back again. And the Cowboys pregame show, Nate Newton said the key to the game was simply a mistake free football game. He brought up the old stories with Jimmy Johnson back when the Eagles were a dominant early 90’s team and his only ask for his team was do not make mistakes. The penalties with the interceptions, and the Eagles are just too good of a team to beat like that.

I’m sure I forgot some folks that stood out, who are your heroes and zeroes?

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