The Good Guys

My football hero growing up was Roger Staubach. I was always impressed with the fact that he graduated from a military academy and then served his six year commitment with four of those years assigned to Vietnam.

Of course, we all know the story, four SB's,. two championships, leading passer for four seasons, All Pro, Pro Bowler, HOF, etc, etc.

As far as his personal life was concerned, Roger was squeaky clean. He was married, a family man. Roger Staubach' character was so respected that he was offered several opportunities to enter politics, which he declined. Instead, he built a real estate business and is recognized as the ex-NFL player with the mist financial success in a non-football related field.

Another example of his high moral character came when he was compared to New York Jet playboy quarterback, Joe Namath. Roger responded that he likes sex too, he just does it with only one woman, his wife.

Roger was a strict catholic and a member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, as was his HC, Tom Landry.

Landry was also ex-military. At the age of 19 he was a 2nd LT and co-pilot for a bomber that flew 30 missions in Europe during World War 2.

The Cowboys have always had strong ties with the military and its veterans beginning with their very first starting quarterback, Eddie Lebaron, or the Little General. true, he was small in stature and he was a "field general" as a quarterback but he r3ceived the nickname for another reason. During the Korean war he was a LT. who led his team out of an ambush. He was awarded the Bronze Star.

I'm not saying every Dallas Cowboy has been a Saint, they have had their share of

embarrassments but Roger Staubach was never one. He was the kind of guy that you hoped your son would pattern his life after.

This has been on my mind lately as I follow the legal issues of DeShaun Watson, the face of the Cleveland Browns. Legally, he is innocent before proven guilty but I'm not accusing him of sexual assault although he is most likely guilty on more than one occasion. Instead, I'm accusing him of poor judgement, disrespecting his team and their fans

Winning as the good guys matter. Truth be told, it is the basis of the Cowboys being called America's team. Fans want to love their favorite players and it is so much easier, when that player is successful on the field while his off-field demeanor is worthy of such admiration.

Dak is a good guy. I feel so bad for Browns fans. Even is Watson won three Super Bowls it will take away some of the satisfaction knowing your QB behaved so badly off the field.

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