Cowboys are one of only 4 teams in NFC with 4 wins

Three of them are in our division . But it’s really odd that we have two division leaders currently at .500. And only 1 team outside our division over .500. There is 6 teams in NFC at 3-3 including two of our division leaders.

Cowboys are currently the 6th seed. And with two very winnable games upcoming against 1 and 2 game winners at home we are in position to set ourselves up to be in sound control of being front runners for a W/C slot as our division may not be within as close of reach.

Which is kind of a weird dilemma being in such great position for a W/C slot while winning the division could become out of reach as second half of season unfolds pending how our division leader does who as only undefeated team has set itself up for almost a certain top seed barring almost a total collapse .

At 6-0 they’d have to finish the season below .500 to win less than 12 games which looks like the inside track for top seed especially with a win over the Vikes at 5-1 which is basically a 2 game lead.

Good news is as a W/C we could actually go on the road facing a division winner with a worse record being favorites instead of underdogs.

We shall see how this season plays out but being a W/C might not be from a position of weakness this year in NFC. The East might be reflective of how strong the West was last year with a W/C team with a strong defense going deep in the playoffs.

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