Hoping for Doomsday IV

The 2023 version of the Cowboys are still three and a half months away from the regular testing ground. But already it’s easy to see why there’s a buzz about the potential for this defense. With the additions of Stephon Gilmore and Mazi Smith, and another year of maturation for Micah Parsons, it’s not hard to be enthused about the possibilities of a true top shelf defense.

Could we be looking at another “Doomsday Defense”? As in “Doomsday IV”? We will know if/when the following criteria, which all three prior versions of Doomsday D’s met:

  • Winning an NFC championship
  • Winning a SB
  • Having at least 2 All Pros

With that criteria in mind, here are the prior gold standard Doomsday versions:

  • Doomsday I- 1966-74– Won 2 NFC Championships and one Lombardi. Perennial All Pro and HOFer Bob Lily was the anchor along with All Pros and HOFers Mel Renfro, and Chuck Howley and All Pro Lee Roy Jordan. Lily retired in 74 and so did Jordan and Howley, brining the end of the first Doomsday unit.
  • Doomsday II1975-82– Fueled by the great ‘75 “Dirty Dozen” draft, D-II won 3 NFC Championships, and a SB- this group was led by All Pros and HOFers Randy White and Cliff Harris, All Pro Harvey Martin, Pro Bowlers Too Tall Jones and Thomas “Hollywood“ Henderson.
  • Doomsday III1991-1996– 3 NFC Championships, 3 Lombardis. Led by HOFers and All Pros Charles Hailey and Deion Sanders, AllPro Darren Woodson, Russell Maryland, SB 30 MVP Larry Brown, along with James Washington.

The revered and time honored “Doomsday” title must be earned. This year’s talented D could be the beginning of a “Doomsday IV“. But we should never use that title until they win a bunch of playoff games like their predecessors.

Here’s hoping we get a “Doomsday IV” back in Big D starting in 2023.

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