Why it would’ve have been better to fire McCarthy than make him a lame duck

After the most embarrassing playoff loss in Cowboys history last January, it made more sense to fire Mike McCarthy and move on than making him a lame duck head coach on the last year of his contract. We have seen this coaching scenario in Big D three times before. In 2010 with Wade Phillips, in 2014 with Jason Garrett and 2019 with Garrett again. Only once (in 2014) did this situation translate to a successful season.

Big Mac has been here four seasons and he’s done a very good job in the regular season. But winning in the regular season is not enough if your team is serious about winning a championship. Winning 1 wild card game in 4 years is not good enough to me for a head coach. In the three losses he’s had in the playoffs here, in two of them his team was just not prepared.

So…IMO Here are the reasons this decision to keep McCarthy in the last year of contract makes little sense:

  • It will be very hard for this team to recover mentally from that packer loss with the same head coach. The first time this team has a bad half or bad game, it could easily cause a mental free fall like we saw in 2010 with Wade when that team started the season poorly.
  • The early part of the 2024 schedule is not particularly favorable which puts even more pressure on the situation.
  • By also having a bizarre off-season where this front office mostly sat on their hands when it came to getting better, it cannot give this lame duck HC, his staff and his players a feeling that the organization has pushed the chips forward for 2024.
  • By choosing to not be proactive with contracts AGAIN with several of its star players, it has the appearance that this season is a reset. Which would be fine IF you had a new HC.

The loss to the packers last January was just a complete collapse. How does a team recover mentally from that? And if you wanted to make 2024 the start of something new, why not start that process with a new head coach? Instead of that, we are left wondering what this front office is thinking and planning because in my decades of following this team, the 2024 off-season has been the biggest head scratcher I’ve ever seen.

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