Training Camp Predictions

I’m not a big fan of TC only because the hype far exceeds reality. But it’s football and I’m glad to see that oblong pigskin return for a hopefully great 2023 Cowboys season. For those of you who do enjoy training camp and pre-season games, more power to you. I just don’t get too excited until the real games begin. But I respect those who do enjoy.

Here are my predictions for 2023 Cowboys TC, some tongue-in-cheek of course, some serious.

  • Jerry will get choked up tomorrow at some point along with setting a new world record for number of “uhs” spoken during his annual “State of the Cowboys” presser (time waste). And Stephen will giggle a lot.
  • Several guys who will probably never play a meaningful down of NFL football will be raved about as “having a great camp” by beat writers, Jerry and a few coaches and players. Then get cut in early Sept.
  • Deuce Vaughn will impress at TC, make some big plays in pre-season games, and become an actual legit offensive weapon during the regular season.
  • Jalen Tolbert will look better than last year, make the team but remain buried in the depth chart.
  • Mazi Smith will start slow. But by mid-season he will be playing 80% of the defensive snaps.
  • The offense will look sluggish at first. Fans will overreact. Patience required.
  • The Cowboys will lose the first PS game. It has become an annual event. Doesn’t matter anyway. We haven’t won a pre-season game opener since 2017, lol. And it means nothing anyway!
  • Fans will waaaaaaaay overreact to what they see in PS games. (PS games rarely indicate much of anything regarding how the team will perform when it matters)
  • This is a guarantee: We will see very plain vanilla offense and defense during ps games. Because teams don’t game plan and want to hide what they really want to do when it matters.

If you enjoy TC and pre-season games, I respect that. I hope you can equally understand why I care so little. Other than learning what some of our rookies and backups can do, most of what this team will be will remain hidden until the live bullets begin flying on Sun night, Sept. 10th in New York. For that, I will be genuinely excited.

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