When “Best Player Available” is convenient

Lamb drops to 17 and they do not have a need to spend a 1st on a WR but he does for some bragging rights about getting a steal. That positional pick was at the bottom of needs.

In rankings, the 3rd best edge rusher, 3rd best DT and the best LB all fall to 24 and the fact that Jermaine Johnson is there is the shocker of the 1st round and the Jets are beyond giddy to cap off one of the best 1st rounds in recent history.

They went for need on all 3 picks and that's not necessarily a bad thing but it proves they really do not have a draft strategy.

We won't know the truth about where they had Smith ranked or if they would have taken him if Green, Johnson, Burks or Penning would have been there.

The guy saying he was their 16th and ahead of the other higher ranked OL by every service in the game lied about the last 1st round pick and was countered by his son telling the truth that it was always the 2 CB's.

These 3 players are not bad players and they may work out but they have "need" all over them and the first pick has "reach" and it seems the owner did a number on us by switching his risk pick from the 2nd round to the 1st round.

I really do not have a problem with the pick, he's rough and I don't know how ready he is but he's got attitude and size and I like him already better than I ever did the pick for the Willams "project".

However, do we really have to deal with this clown insulting us with his ego based lies all of the time? "The other guys were gone and we took the highest rated OL on our board" or "Once Horn and Surtain were gone, the choice was easy for Parsons and we were lucky he was there".

Does this man think he is going to fool us into thinking this is all by design, part of the master plan? It's one thing to ignore the fans; it's something else to insult them.

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