Would you prefer an all-in year?

The owner likes shooting his mouth off about what other teams do, particularly the last SB winner and the NFC rep this year. He doesn’t like the risk.

What say you? You Risky Rick or Safe Sam?

Would you take an all-in year if it meant losing seasons for the following 2-3 years? And no assurance your all-in risk even pays off in the season.

Ya see, that’s his problem, being irrelevant so he doesn’t get so many interviews and face time. That’s all it is, it isn’t about the downside of the risk because they will still buy tickets, he won’t lose anything monetarily by going all-in.

It is an interesting situation if an owner does say go for it as Kronke did in LA and Lurie has in PHL because they’re won the bet. Now, how long it takes LA to recover to contention status remains to be seen. And we have yet to see the 2023 PHL roster.

How bad do you want that 6th ring? Willing to have a couple of back-to-back 6 or 7 win seasons to go for it? It’s one thing to win it all but are you prepared to lose it, not make the SB and then suffer for a couple of seasons?

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