Players’ perception: Outcoached or outplayed?

Have you noticed something about the different teams over the years that they share?

Once the open questions about coaching start, they seem to hide behind that.

We saw that with Wade Phillips when they flat shut down on him and Garrett took over and they responded favorably.

With the Cowboys, it always seems to be blamed on the coaching. And they sure let that run wild in the media, don't want any hardball questions coming their way when there is a scapegoat available.

I see a lot of blame here laid on the coaching, primarily the HC, OB and OLC. But what about the execution?

Was the wrong play called or was it poorly executed?

I am not defending the coaching because I think it is mediocre but then I know what the HC's job really is, to make the GM comfortable.

Just make sure you weigh calling vs execution when you make your call.

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