The main reason Cooper’s trade value plummeted

We have all watched with amazement the last two days as numerous NFL teams make big trades involving WRs requiring premium round draft picks. Many Cowboys fans are asking, “Why couldn’t we get more than a 5th for Amari Cooper?”

Two reasons:

  1. The big thing that happened lowering Cooper’s trade value was Stephen “Giggles” Jones opening his big mouth on the radio and in print and talking publicly about how hard it was going to be to keep Amari at $20 mil a season. He might as well have plastered that on billboards in every NFL city. “The Cowboys are parting ways with Cooper”, thus making it easy to hard bargain the Cowboys in a trade.Stupid, stupid, stupid.
  2. The smaller reason was Coop’s decline the last two years. He has only averaged about12 yds per catch the last two seasons, and last year only avg 57.7 yds per game. Not big time receiver stats.

The first reason was completely avoidable. Front office 101- never talk publicly to telegraph what you are going to do with a player. SJ is the laziest executive in the NFL.

Fellow Cowboys fans- if you don’t know it by now it’s obvious. The Jones FO is arrogant and stupid. A terrible FO combination. They talk constantly about things smart NFL FOs shut up about. Look at JJ last night flashing a copy of their draft board. It’s unparalleled stupidity and arrogance. Jerry has to “prove” to the NFL world he’s smarter than they are. And it’s so obvious he’s not.

In case you didn’t already know it- the emperor and his giggling son are naked.

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