Maybe the Cowboys should follow Green Bay’s lead?

Green Bay lost WR's and one was the best WR of 2021 and THE target of Rodgers.

Word out of camp is that Aaron Jones and AJ Dillon are expected to have at least 50 catches each because Rodgers is not enamored with his replacement WR's. Too many drops.

One major difference between Rodgers and most QB's is he will speak his mind and he has spoken about his receiving corps. Loud and clear.

They're not going to pay him 50M and not make him happy and get more targets in the pattern for him and he has two good RB's, just as the Cowboys have. And a good offensive mind at HC.

The question I have is does Kellen Moore have the leeway to take focus away from Lamb, the owner's prize pick and new #1? The Cooper trade will be the focus of the Cowboys offense from the talking heads in the beginning of the season and we know he is reactive to any criticism.

Will Moore's marching orders be win the games or make Lamb look good and the Cooper trade look even better?

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