What Would You Have Done at WR?

I’ve seen some outlandish reasoning for why the team should have kept the 3 WR’s together. Not sure if we understand how people build rosters but there’s no such thing as paying big deals to 3 WR’s. That just an insane way to allocate your cap funds.

Yes the vaccine and heart/passion issues were thrown around for Coop, but those were more as pros and cons for which WR to keep. The decision to only pay 2 guys moving forward was obvious, they just had to decide who.

The hope is Gallup is a good WR2 at half the cost of Cooper and Lamb steps into the WR1 role and gets the big bucks.

I’m not saying that will happen but the plan wasn’t crazy. Cooper playing well has nothing to do with it, we didn’t trade him due to not being able to play well.

You can’t keep all three once they get off rookie deals and you can’t pay two number 1’s (poor roster management) so you have only two options. A) Cooper and Gallup or B) Lamb and Gallup. Team chose B and it’s not an illogical one. Lamb is younger and was drafted by them. Coop is good but you know his highs. Lamb has the upside to maybe be more so they bet on that.

I know some (most) of us are prisoners of the moment so Coop’s stock is sky high right now while Lamb’s may not be. But by stepping back and looking at the two options outlined in the previous paragraph, what would y’all have done?

I think it was completely logical to bet on Ceedee your first round pick as we know what we have in Cooper.

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