Michael Gallup’s impact

It’s exciting to see Michael Gallup is close to returning to game action. He is certainly a very underrated player on this team and should immediately help the offense get out of its slow start.

Looking at Gallup’s facts and stats, he has tended to get forgotten between Amari Cooper, Cedee Lamb, and his recent injury history. Here are some interesting stats on Gallup:

  • Ran a consistent 4.45 40 in pre-draft workouts.
  • In 4 seasons (55 games) he averages 15 yards per reception (Lamb avg about 13 per reception)
  • In 4 seasons he has 12 receptions of 40+ yards (Lamb has 5 in 2 years)
  • In Gallup’s best year- 2019- he had 66 receptions for 1,107 yds, avg 16.8 yds per catch.
  • His yards per target is 8.3- Lamb’s is 8.5.

I’m not knocking Cedee Lamb at all. But I am making the point that Michael Gallup may be exactly the kind of receiver to help Lamb not get doubled. Gallup is flat underrated. His return may inject some coverage respect among opposing defenses that we haven’t seen yet this year.

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