Fans Expectations For QB’s Who Aren’t Elite

All QB’s outside of the top 4-6 are the same. The sooner we realize this the better. None of those guys past that top tier will carry an average or below average team anywhere.

If you’re not a Mahomes/Herbert/Allen/Brady type of guy you will not succeed in the NFL without a good team. Most of the delusion is fans not understanding that.

Dak is fine. Just like Carr and Cousins and Stafford. Bad to below average teams, all these guys look inconsistent and downright bad at times. Give these type of guys great coaching, scheme, and talent and you’ll do some damage.

For example, I wonder how Carr will look this year rather than in 2017-2020 when his head coaches were Gruden and Del Rio and his best WR during the majority of that stretch was Michael Crabtree (LOL). Mind you he went 6-10 and 4-12 in ‘17 and ‘18.

The sooner y’all understand that nobody outside the top guys can win with average to below average teams, the sooner there will be unity on our Dak opinions.


The issue is you’re trying to find the 1% of NFL players. It’s not that Dak is who he is. No non-elite QB wins anything of significance with this team and staff. Heck, even an elite guy would have his work cut out for him.

So we can blame our QB’s like Romo and Dak all we want. But tier 2 guys are what they are, good but not elite. Competitive, but not consistent. This is magnified by average to bad supporting casts and masked by good to great ones.

Either we get an elite QB to cover up our FO/coaching issues or we get an elite coach and correct our philosophical roster building issues to support a tier 2 QB.

Regardless, expecting anyone not in that top 5/6 to take this team as currently constructed anywhere meaningful is misplaced expectation. It’s either elite QB or elite coach and team, can’t have it any other way if you want to win big.

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