Sturm was dead wrong about Dak Prescott

In the Athletic, Sturm wrote an article entitled, “Cowboys QB Dak Prescott is 29, It is Time to Win.” Since we can’t post from that magazine as per the filter on this forum, I suggest you Google it and read it. The reality is Sturm has been the typical fanboy of Dak and he often took jabs at Romo at Dak’s expense. But even Sturm can’t make excuses anymore for Dak.

Sturm has been holding on for years the notion that Dak has been getting harshly criticized because Romo fans, since their boy Romk got the blame, they would make sure Dak got it worse, which is a crock of garbage, as the excuses for Romo were legitimate, while the excuses for Dak were not. In the August 12th article in the Athletic Sturm basically says Dak is 29 and he no longer has excuses.

The main point I want to emphasize, and it’s clear to anybody reading it, what “the haters” were saying is true and that “teams figured the offense out”, though in reality is was, Dak is quite possibly the most over-rated player in NFL history. Sturm points out in weeks 1 to 8, Dallas was the most blitzed team in the league. After that, teams stopped bringing the pressure and Dak didn’t see the man coverage looks regularly, and the offense took a nosedive. They were the 22nd most blitzed team after week 8 when all was said and done. Dallas offense saw just as much cover 2 and cover 3 defenses as any other team from then on. The 49ers played zone defense as a staple and could get pressure without bringing extra rushers and we all know how bad Dak looked. If it weren’t for JG almost giving them the game with one of his typical awful INTs he is known for that essentially gave Dallas the ball in scoring position the game would have been a complete blowout. Even Sturm admits the wins in the last half of the season were against bums and Eagles junior varsity team and were empty calories, per how on words.

Facts are we’ve been saying Dak sucks against zone coverage, to the point he becomes a mediocrity. What masked his warts against zone is his lack of risk-taking so he resorts to short dump offs and check-downs which use to keep the INTs down. He’s “mentally weak” as a QB. He’s been getting away with it, because teams were forced to bring pressure because of how good the OL and RG were. I was saying I don’t even know why defenses do it do much even during those days, because the data was always there. Dak is horrible at anticipating his WRs getting open and can’t process the whole field. He goes into a shell against and takes the check-down. Teams use to give way too much respect to the OL and RG to the point they made it much easier for Dak to look better than he actually was with all the explosive talent he has around him.

What do people expect Moore to do? Sturm even admitted it’s the same trend with Dak with each year, including blaming the coaches. He said what we said, which is the same red zone issues pop up and his performance of third down is abysmal. He also basically said the “young and developing QB” excuse no longer holds.

I mean yeah, this owner is dysfunctional and nothing signals dysfunction more than making Dak your franchise QB. So we can admit that Jerry Jones is a buffoon, but we can also admit Dak exemplifies the buffoonery of Jerry. We can also admit that Sturm was dead wrong about his boy Dak Prescott.

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