Why Do Fans Keep Trying To Cut Jourdan Lewis?

I really don’t get it. We just saw how important CB depth was last year and now we want to cut a dependable vet CB?

Assuming he can return to form (obviously if he’s not the same guy this doesn’t apply), that gives us a 4 deep CB room that can withstand multiple injuries.

Mukuamu is not a full time CB, he’s a Swiss Army knife. Counting on him to step in and be a pure CB in the event of an injury is dicey. Joseph and Wright don’t inspire nearly enough confidence to cut Lewis, and Scott is a rook.

Y’all wanna go veteran dumpster diving in December if we have an injury? Did y’all not see how a lack of CB depth can greatly affect a defense? Is 4.7M of cap space we won’t use more important than having insurance and depth at an important position?

So many keep suggesting this as if the team is going to take 4M and bring back a stud. Lewis’s depth and vet dependability is much more valuable to us than 4M in savings.

If Bland gets hurt, who the heck is our starting slot CB? Without Lewis, we wouldn’t even have the slightest clue let alone be confident it won’t be an issue. Dude got injured on a sweet instinctual pick last season, he’s not great but he’s definitely got some game and experience. Cutting him makes little sense.

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