What the lack of urgency in this draft tells us

It was not an exciting draft, even the QB picks were nothing special and there were no Hollywood WR’s. And the Cowboys treated it as such.

The talking heads could only muster excitement because of trades. It was really a boring draft. Even the NFL realized that and decided they needed a loud and annoying cover band and more drunk fans channeling KISS.

Other than breaking the pattern and going DT in the 1st, which may prove to be the only real difference maker out of this draft. The LB might be something as he is an all over the field player.

But what does the lack of action by the Cowboys tell us? They think they are fine just where they are. No need to add a Hollywood TE, or a stud RB or a stud OL, they like their guys.

In that regard, this is the 2009 draft when they thought all they needed was depth and ST.

In 2022, the Cowboys were in the 3rd position in the NFC and I think they feel nothing has changed, they are still relevant and within striking distance of the Eagles and Niners. Forget the Lions, Giants and Seahawks, they do not matter.

There was much happiness with the moves the Cowboys made in the off season with the acquisitions made, and justifiably so as they usual make no noise. However, that came at a cost. In the GM’s mind, that moved the needle so the draft wasn’t as critical as usual and going into the season with a thin OL and WR corps doesn’t seem to concern him.

This draft illustrated the real difference between a GM that really wants to win because he has to and one that just wants to be relevant and the most covered by the media. The Cowboys went about this as if they’ve already arrived; the Eagles went about it as if they’re not there yet.

All around, it was a pretty lackluster draft and the Cowboys sure played their part in that. Because there is no hurry to get better, they feel they’re good enough.

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