The Backup QB Effect

The Backup QB Effect is totally dependent on the belief the team has in that player. The Effect says that they will all lift their game to help because they believe or some will drop their game because they do not, but no team plays the same and it is all mental.

We've seen this historically going back to the Colts ending up with Tom Matte as their QB when Unitas and Morrall went down, they lifted their game to meet the need. They also had the defense to do that.

The Eagles are the most recent team to do that with Nick Foles at QB. Every player took it upon themselves not to take any plays off and every single play mattered. Again, the defense stepped up.

The one requirement, that was missing for Romo when he was out but present for Aikman, was a defense that could win a game.

We've talked for years about putting these teams around the QB and they finally might have hit on something. And I do not think any of this happens without the selection of Micah Parsons. Because what's been missing is that leader to stand up and take the game on as their responsibility and not rely on the QB or the offense.

Few here believed in Cooper Rush but we cannot say that about the team because he did what he had to do, protect the ball and make the plays when they were there.

I do not know if this will last because so far but he's 2-0 and he didn't do this by just handing off and playing it safe in either game.

In a way Rush reminds me of another backup QB and the complaint was Bernie Kosar had a weak arm, and he did because he would release the ball and you could take a bathroom break and return to see the pass completed. But he had a strong football mind and an awareness of not only what the defense was trying to do but what his receivers were doing to overcome that.

Most teams don't win with backups but it is not always the backup's fault. He failed to make them believers. Whatever Rush did, he has the believers he needs on that team.

Rush will get some different looks from the surprising 2-0 Giants next Monday, as all backups get in their second game, but he will have two things in his corner, a stout defense and a team that believes in him. Not to mention, Cooper Rush cut his teeth in prime time.

I picked the team to lose because of Cooper Rush, I did not believe. I would not say I am 100% on board now but I sure am a lot closer and good for him. Football needs Cooper Rush stories, we get enough of the stars. In a way, the Backup is our Everyman representative.

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