Did you find the draft a pain to watch?

I did and that was the cure for me. It was torture of the senses.

If you watched any of the earlier pre-draft stuff, you know that they knew those overly loud cover bands were going to be a problem and you could see it on the faces of the analysts trying to talk over it. Eisen even mentioned it several times. They could have moved the sets, they had time.

Then for some well-known reason, they began stretching the commercial breaks, even missing the Giants live pick, and it was nothing but a cacophony of bad music, commercials and the poor analysts trying to sell us this was an interesting draft. It was, without a doubt, the worst one I have ever sat through and I kept asking myself why am I doing this? Is watching adults dressed as trick or treaters yelling into the camera really that entertaining?

Then the answer came, masochism. Evidently, I needed this punishment. The only thing that would have really perfected the evening was for the Cowboys to have traded out of the 1st after I’d spent a miserable 4 hours watching instant millionaires, mostly dressed by blind people in dark closets, answer stupid questions.

There was one silver lining. I was glad Levis was getting passed on because looking at his sisters was the highlight of the draft. Hubba, hubba, they can call me Bubba.

OK, thanks for letting me rant it out, I feel much better knowing so many care.

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