I am flummoxed as to what to think about our draft

Good draft? Bad draft? Mediocre draft? I have no idea.

The confusion came right from the start when we took a DT. We haven’t invested a big asset in the DT position in years. I like the pick. He can stop the run and has enough athleticism that with some coaching and refinement he might developed into a decent pass rusher from the inside.

They talked about the run game in the offseason so I figured OL and TB would be prime targets. Nope. The 2nd round pick was a pure need pick. Don’t try to convince me otherwise. When LaPorta and Mayer went off the board at the top of the 2nd, I think they worried no TE would get to them in the 3rd so they grabbed Schoonmaker. Who does little for me. Not impressed, nor do I think it’s a terrible pick. Odds are it’s another questionable 2nd rounder from this franchise that really has some bad 2nd round picks.

Overshown is an athletic freak. And he makes plays. I have no issues with the pick. Will be interesting to see Quinn use him and Parsons together.

Fehoko? Decent player, not sure we needed him. DE is one place we have bodies. Maybe they envision him as a Tyrone Crawford type that they can use as a 3T?

The trade up for a big, tall but slow DB was peculiar. But Quinn has his mold for DBs and this kid seems to fit. Whatever. Doubt he’s anything more than a special teams guy.

I like the kid from UNC and when you read his scouting report, he really seems like a guy that could end up at OG.

The TB? Great story. But he’s likely a situational guy, which is fine, especially at that spot in the draft. I think Evans was still on the board, right? I would have taken him. I am not impressed with a top 3 TB depth chart of Pollard, Jones, Davis and this kid sprinkled in.

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