What is a Cowboy 1 Receiver, Drafted in First Round

In my years of die-hardness, there have been these guys counted as stars drafted in the first round.

1986 Mike Sherard, Mr Broken Bones was darfted for his speed, not for his durability. An injury bust. he showed flashes, but his body was not made for the NFL

1988 Michael Irvin The best ever, came from Miami championship team with Jimmy Johnson as head coach, was NFL ready in his first year, but the QB's were horrible. He could get open against anyone, anytime. You could not shut him down. He owned Deion. The best receiver ever against Deion. With Troy at QB, Michael could get open and catch the ball whenver he wanted to. Outstanding ability to create separation.

1991 Alvin Harper Nice specialty complimentary WR. When Emmitt and Michael got all the attention, this super athlete would break long ones. On his own, he could not make plays.

2010 Dez Bryant He was star talent from first year when he had quickness and full talent. His talent had a shorter lifespan than most stars, but he was a dominator and worthy of a #1 pick,

2019 Lamb: I do not see any remblance to the so-called best receiver in colege football. I do not see him with great yards after the catch. I do not see any dominator as was Michael Irvin or even young Dez. When you wear #88, we expect star domination. I do not see much separation. Cooper had great separation, but he would take himself out in clutch late game situations. Lamb better turn on his talent motor. I do not see it at full throttle.

Best free agent WR, Drew Pearson, 1973, a former QB, he forced his way into the starting lineup in 1973 and was instant star, with great route running, great hands, great separation with tremendous football intelligence. He was a great playmaker. Put him and Michael Irvin on this 2022 team, and there would the most potent offense ever.

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