Being Outcoached and We need a Uber-talent at QB

Kellen Moore and McCarthy have no creativity. The defenses know what is coming. Offensively, we are outcoached each week.

Farniok was horrible on Sunday. We need Peters in ASAP at LT and Smith at LG. Together, they could blast open holes.

The Cowboys defense against Tampa was stated to be so good that they only gave up 19 points? I saw the Bucs march up and down the field all day long. Fournette shreaded the vaunted Cowboy defense. They went mostly to their left side. Dorrance Armstrong was wiped out all day. The Boys could not stop the pulling OL of Tampa who were blowing up space and getting Diggs blocked. Quinn had no answer on Sunday, just as he had no answer to the 49ers doing the same thing in the playoffs. To be a good or very good defense, you cannot allow a running game to accumulate so much in yardage so easily. If not for 11 from heaven, the Pats would have scored at least 34 points.

We have been lied to all summer long how great Dak looked, how sharp he was, etc. I am tired of an 80 year old man speaking for the team with his lies and unfounded exaggerations of Cowboy talent. Dak could not hit a target on Sunday with laser guided devices. He looked like an amateur. No one can tell me he looked like an top NFL pro. NFL QB's who are starters are far more accurate. He was completely out of sync and he never called correct audibles for plays to get the ball to Lamb. I never subscribed to him being the franchise QB. He is not an above average QB and he is not durable at all.

By the way, Jerry loves bargains. He got lucky with Romo as a free agent so he never drafts a QB high. Since he bought team after Aikman and Steve Walsh, the highest round he spent on a QB was the 4th round. That is a joke. The great talented QB's must be taken earlier. There is a reason Dak was not taken until the end of the 4th round!!! We need an uber-QB, not a bargain basement special with known QB inabilities.

People were enamored with Dak's rookie year when he had dominator in Zeke, who was All-World, and Dak did not need to throw the ball more than 15 yards, and had all day to do so, due to an A+ OL. We have seen how sub-par he is accuracy wise for many years compared to other QB's. Dak throws one pass decently: straight and deep down the sideline to Michael the Galloping Cowboy. Jerry can fool most of you, but he cannot fool me. Dak is not the right QB. You need to go high in the draft.

This country and Cowboys' land should not be run by persons so old. Men lose an edge when they get that old.

I believe McCarty is toast as the Cowboy head coach. He is boring and unimaginative. Tom Landry in 1975 did a miracle with a lower talent level team in a transition from older to younger players. He brought back the shotgun and the shuffle pass. He was creatively using his players.

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