The Reincarnation of Harvey Martin

Harvey Martin

Heavenly Made

Heaven sent, bent on putting a dent on opposing QB’s.

A third round DE draft pick out of East Texas State, he was considered too passive when he arrived in traiing camp in July 1973.

After working with legendary DL coach Ernie Stautner, Harvey transformed into an aggressive player.

Harvey was damn fast, faster than some Cowboys DB’s.

The conservative Tom Landry used him as a designated pass-rusher his first two years/ he was lightning in a bottle, leading the Boys in sacks both years.

He became Harvey "Too Mean" Martin in 1974 when Ed "Too Tall" Jones came to the Boys as the first player in the draft.

In 1975, Landry started both Harvey and Too Tall in the starting lineup, and they were called Thunder and Lightning.

This two-some bookends in their first year as starters took the Boys to the Super Bowl in 1975 and two others in 1977 and 1978.

Harvey Martin was a fierce great player on the field, getting pressure on QB’s at will. In his 5th year, he had one of the greatest years ever by a Dallas defender, Defensive MVP of the NFL, 23 sacks in 14 games. He was a great all around player, fiery on the field.

As a die hard Cowboy fan for so many decades, I have seen Demarcus Ware get into the Harvey Martin level of dominating pass rusher, primarily from the right side. But where has a pure DE come in as a draft pick and dominated for many years as a pass rush terror?

It had to happen sooner or later.

That man has arrived. I have seen him as a rookie, displaying Harvey Martn pass rushing talent and he led the Boys in tackles for loss in limited appearances. He ran a 4.46 at the combine. I am excited about him. Quinn is excited about him.

I predict that Sam Williams will win the RDE starting position and will be a double digit sack performer for many years. He will be our new Harvey Martin on the field performer and dominator, making Micah Parsons even more lethal.

#54 Sam Williams is the reincarnation of Harvey Martin and will lift the Boys’ defense to another level of domination.

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