What Dallas needs is a Road Grader Mentality

Wow was it great back then! Even in the dark days of Landry's end, there was a pure roadgrader on the Cowboys' OL. He would blow open holes for Hershel Walker, which led to an NFC rushing championship in 1988. On plays where he was a pulling guard, defensive players would be blown away like a snowplower blows away snow.

He was the key run blocker for Emmitt Smith early in his career. He was a tough, strong dude, always ready to play, every game. Remember him, Nate Newton?

Then, Larry Allen joined in as starter in 1995, and Troy had double roadgraders. Wow, could those guys roadgrade, 1773 yards for Emmit and 25 rushing TD'S. Troy did not have to throw. That is why his passing stats are not so prolific. He had the OL to dominate.

I have seen what the Cowboys have seen in Tyler Smith, he is a road grader. He hurts the defenders. Even at his tender age, he has enormous NFL strength to open lanes for the Boys' RB's. He has been given advanced coaching attention.

Last years' OL performance was the worst I have seen in many years. Some young OLmen need several years of seasoning before they become very effective starters, like Doug Free. He sat behind Marco Colombo and learned the game, got stronger, developed instincts. Nowadays, we rush players onto the field too soon and coming from college they are not ready.

We were spoiled by T FRED who came from Wisconsin and was the best center we ever had from the outset. He was a generational Center talent. Biadascz is still a baby, still learning, getting stronger, and hopefully better. He had major operations to a hip and a shoulder, which obviously had compromised his strength. If not for those operations, he would have been a 2nd round pick. I am hoping now, in this year, we will see this young talent finally emerge at full strength, to show us the same talent he used to be as a dominating center at Wisconsin.

Connor Williams was not a road grader at guard. He also was being beat so many times that he held to avoid a sack. With my expectations that Tyler Smith at LG will be a hit as a roadgrader, a star in dominating the point of attack, and an expected spike in Biadascz's performance, I truly foresee a vast improvement in the OL and a running game which will not be controlled by opposing defenses.

Lastly, remember Jake Ferguson from Wisconsin. Somehow Wisconsin players seems to be better in the Pros. Jake can really catch the ball. He has an enormous football IQ. He is a smart and clutch player. He is much better receiver than Schultz was coming out of Stanford. Jake will make a significant contribution as a rookie.

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