Dan Quinn has Been Figured Out

Too many teams have learned to outsmart Dan Quinn’s schemes and Cowvboys’ defenses are being scorched, shreaded every which way but loose. You cannot win in the NFL, if you canot stop the run. All the Cowboys’ front seven are seen looking to rush the passer. It seems no one is defending the outside runs.

Tom Landry was a master at making adjustments during games to counter whatever worked for opposing teams early in games. It seems that Quinn is not in his league at making adustments.

Quinn needs to start designing new defensive strategy or this team will disappoint further and place all coaches at risk of firing.

And no matter what stats he puts up, Dak is not an elite top 10 QB. I saw from his second year on, he does not have " it" on a consistent basis. If Tony Romo could run like Dak, he would have won a Super Bowl. Tony was much more clutch.

Why was he ignoring Michael Gallup?

I have seen so many games where Dak’s offense is sleepwalking the beginning of games. Last week, he was good in 1st half, but failed after being up at 24-10. The Jags scored 30 points, the Cowboys only 10. Under Jimmy Johnson, Aikman, Irvin and Emmit, would come out roaring with scoring and put games away. Their defense was tough against the run.

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