We will win Sunday because Hurts is not good

Jalen Hurts is simply an average quarterback. AI have seen every Eagles game. Here are some stats and what they mean, based on the eye test.

Hurts have generated 10 touchdowns this season. Four have been through the air, six from him running. He has thrown for 1,359 yards. In contrast, loom at other NFCE Qb's. Coop has seven touchdowns on only 839 yards passing. Wentz has ten touchdowns on 1,390 yards passing (with a lot more turnovers). I'll leave Jones out of this, as his numbers are a horror story. Why is this? Simple: when it counts, Hurts can't find his receivers. Last year, Hurts had more time in the pocket to throw (3.5 secs) than any QB in the league. The numbers are probably very similar this year. Hurts does not read defenses well. I can't count how many times I have seen wide open receivers in Eagle games never get the ball. Brady would set new records under those conditions. I can't recall Hurts ever getting to his third look before bailing out on a play.

Hurts makes plays with his legs. That's good for him, because when defenses break down in the secondary, more often than not Hurts is running and not seeing someone streaking across the field open. Brown, Smith, Goedart, and Watkins can run. They don't have any turtles out there running routes. But even fast guys are useless without the ball.

Hurts has six rushing touchdowns. Some are designed runs, some are not. He simply isn't good in the red zone. Defenses shut him down, so he has to run.

Hurts has been sacked 11 times this year. Some of those are because he didn't see the open man and had to run. He has two int's and two fumbles this year. Considering how much he runs, the fumble number is quite good.

This bodes well for our defense. Mailata will probably play but will be nowhere at 100%. Kelce may be out with an ankle issue, so their rookie will probably play–if not, we get a wounded Kelce. Seumalo, their right guard, is also banged up. Our defense can put pressure all game long on a QB who doesn't see the field. We know the most important position on the field is QB. Hurts can't run all game long against our defense. Our defense generally doesn't leave receivers running wild all game.

Contain Hurts, make him do something he has not shown that he can do, which is read the defense and make the play. We will win this game in their backyard by double digits folks. Hurts is not good enough to beat this team.

I will swim in Eagle tears Monday morning.

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