Interesting scoring trends and what they say about Sun Night’s game

In the lead up to the big game Sun night, here some interesting scoring stats and trends:

  • The e-girls have scored a total of 135 points this season, averaging 27 points a game.
  • Amazingly, they have scored 92 of those points in the second quarter.
  • Interestingly, the only NFC team scoring more than the e-girls so far are the lions with 140 points, a team they squeaked by 38-35 on opening day.
  • The e-girls have averaged 18 points in the second qtr. They have been so far ahead at halftime of most of their games, scoring has not been an issue in the second half.
  • Filly has only averaged scoring about 6 points a game in the second half. Usually because they were ahead double digits.
  • Filly has only trailed at the half in one game- week 4 against the Jags.

The Cowboys also have some interesting trends regarding scoring:

  • The Cowboys have scored 93 points, averaging 18.6 points a game.
  • The Cowboys best quarter for scoring has been the first qtr, scoring 32 of their total of 93.
  • The third qtr has been our worst, only scoring 13 total points.
  • Defensively, the Cowboys have only surrendered 11 total points in the 4th quarter all season, and 8 of those were against the bengals in week 2.

The obvious take away seems to be if we can withstand an eagles barrage early- especially in the 2nd qtr- it changes the trajectory of how the game unfolds. If we are at least close at half, our chances are very good. If we get to the 4th with the lead, chances are excellent for a win.

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