Monday morning three thoughts

I was fairly vocal about this game, as I was certain we could win. Take out those mistakes in the first quarter, and we damn well may have won that game.

Thought #1: Jalen Hurts is not very good. Yes, I said this all week, and some of you just about called me stupid. Did you see the game last night? I saw a QB that can't see the field, that can't throw downfield, that had time in the pocket most QB's would die for and still screw up. He was contained most of the night. Can he even throw anything other than a slant or drag across the middle? Dak>>>>>>Hurts all day.

Thought #2: Our defense is very good. We held the Eagles to 268 yards of total offense. Yes, we couldn't stop the run when it counts. Neither could they. Yes, we made stupid mistakes. I don't know if any defense could have overcome the dumb-*** mistakes we made in the first half. We have a QB that can throw, they don't. If both defenses can run on each other, the air game will decide. We have that with Dak.

Thought #3: Lane Johnson is a top-five offensive lineman in the league. He is underappreciated and doesn't get the respect he deserves. When he went out, the assault on the right side began. As I stated, Seumalo, their right guard, is their least capable starter on the line. We beat him up good last night, and Kelce constantly had to look to the right after Johnson went out with the concussion. He is the one Eagle player I always wanted on our team.

I can't wait for the rematch in our house! The Eagles will probably end up with the #1 seed if things keep going, as Hurts will rack up some yards against crap teams–you know, the same things that some of you say about Dak. I'm not saying it's not true, but Dak isn't the only QB who does this. Look around the league and see it every week.

We will meet them in the playoffs and send them home like a cooked turkey.

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