Review: Kupp 75 yard TD

  • Kupp 75 Yard TD Catch and Run
    • It was 3rd & 2.
    • Malik Hooker off the field.
    • Wilson was the single-high FS.
    • Kearse at SS in man coverage on TE Tyler Higbee.
    • I assume that Hooker was off the field because 3rd & 2 is a high probability of being a run.
      • The top skillset for both Wilson & Kearse is run defense.
      • With Hooker's injury history, it's a good idea to limit him with regards to run defense.
    • Stafford was in an empty backfield set, however,…
      • The defense decides on personnel before they know the offensive alignment.
    • The Rams split the RB out wide near the sideline.
      • This was done to move a defender out of the middle of the field.
      • LVE was out in coverage on the RB.
    • Kupp ran the crossing route in that area where LVE would normally be located.
    • At the point of the catch, there was another WR in the middle of the field.
      • Lewis in coverage on that WR.
    • Wilson came forward about 6 yards after Stafford released the ball.
      • On the broadcast, watch the 2nd replay angle to get a good view of Wilson.
        • Unfortunately that put Wilson on the wrong side of the mid-field WR.
      • I don't know what Wilson was thinking at that point.
        • Kupp's trajectory was clearly to the other side.
    • Diggs would have had good position if the pass was right on Kupp's jersey number.
      • However, the pass was leading Kupp such that he had to stretch with a 1 handed grab.
  • Malik Hooker has been an unsung hero this season.
    • Wilson & Kearse get more highlight plays but Hooker's play enables them.
    • Hooker at FS allows Diggs & others to take chances and make plays.
      • Last season, FS Kazee was often in correct position, but couldn't prevent receptions.
      • A huge amount of receiving yardage 'allowed' blamed on Diggs was actually on Kazee.

Wilson has shown good physical ability in coverage with the deep sideline pass breakup at one point; however, he seems to be best at SS or as one of the Safeties in 2-deep alignments.

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