We got a war daddy

Pay no attention to the criticism of value and sacks and all that is coming. The Cowboys finally have added a real powerful bleepkicking DT who will not be bullied. A tone setter that will do all the dirty work to free up his teammates. There’s a reason why Micah Parsons was so excited for the pick.

Oh and he’s not just a NT. The tools are there to develop as a rusher. He moves better than his size. He’s quick. He’s got great feet for a big man. Dan Quinn has a lot to work with.

This is a radical shift in philosophy that I think we all should applaud.

The Cowboys will get mediocre grades for this selection and those grades will be wrong. He is exactly what we needed on defense, and as my 25th ranked player on my board I can say without any bias that he’s value at the pick.

Well done. Thank you. I don’t think I could have gone another season without a real DT. Now, for the love of God, don’t crap the bed in round 2.

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