Poll: McCarthy or Quinn in 2024? Is a NFCCG appearance enough to stay the course?

Under this scenario who is your head coach for 2024?
Option Votes
Mike McCarthy 55
Dan Quinn 14
This isn’t a prediction thread. Just a what if scenario.

What if the 2023 Cowboys were basically the same team of the last couple of years offensively and defensively but finally make it back to the NFC Championship Game before looking exactly like they’ve looked the last two playoff defeats. So a 12 wins or so season, two good playoff games and then getting shut down in the NFCCG.

That’s the season you just experienced. Its not a prediction. It’s a please play along that that’s what just happened.

So here’s the question. You make the call. Do you want McCarthy back and maybe with a contract extension? (2024 is the last year on his deal) Or would you want to hand the team to Dan Quinn instead in the offseason? An offseason where he might end up on another team if you don’t.

You’ve made the next step. You finally got over the hump and got back to the NFCCG. But you looked a little overmatched when you got there.

Are you on Team Fat or Team Skinny?

What do you do?

Cowboys! either way.

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