After reading Jimmy’s book, I’m not expecting a ROH ceremony any time soon

No surprise here because if Jimmy was going to tell his professional story accurately he couldn't do it without exposing Jerry but it sure won't help expedite his ROH induction I'm sure.

I knew the story well and it still made me sick to read it. An Owner destroying a dynasty simply because he wanted credit for things he didn't do. It's the most egregious act I've ever seen in sports.

IMO he took it easy on Jerry. He doesn't go into that much depth but he has to address it to explain his departure from Dallas. Why he was burned out. How long he was dealing with this nonsense.

To the sane these comments are rather benign. To an egomaniac they are a declaration of war.

I fear he will leave this Earth never seeing his name where it belongs in that stadium and that will be yet another abomination committed by the 9th wonder of the world: the ego of Jerry Jones.

Who is 80 years, 1 month and 16 days old. In case anyone was wondering.

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