Was McGovern an All-Pro Talent?

I keep seeing claims that the OLine got worse and there is a huge "hole" at LG.

The only loss was McGovern. If the OLine got radically worse as claimed by CZ, then McGovern must have been a borderline All-Pro.

Note: In some games they alternated McGovern and 40 year old Jason Peters…

In 2021 McGovern started 4 games in place of Connor Williams.

– He was terrible.

– After his 4 starts, they switched back to Conner Penalty Williams.

In 2022 McGovern was somewhere between "good enough" and borderline All-Pro depending on who you ask.

Tyler, Steele and Tyron will all start if healthy.

– That means one of them (probably Tyler) starts at LG.

– Obviously Tyron will eventually miss a game or more with injury issues.

The top options at LG with Tyron out:

– Tyler at LT and Edoga or Farniok at LG.


– Waletzko at OG with Tyler at LG.

Farniok: I recently re-reviewed him vs the Bengals (He started 2 games with McGovern out).

– He was "good enough".

– He had many good snaps vs 345 pound DT Josh Tupou.

– He has some good and some bad snaps vs top tier DT DJ Reader.

– Summary: He was generally good physically but made some mistakes while playing next to rookie LT Tyler Smith early in the season.


– Played most (maybe all) games for the Jets at OT. Was a good run blocker but sometimes had issue with Pass blocking.

– Started 1 game last season for the Falcons at LG.

– I reviewed all of his snaps in that game. In my opinion he looked as good or better than McGovern.

– It was only 1 game (Bears). I don’t know if the Bears DT are good or bad per se.



– My 1st thought when I reviewed his college game footage was "He’s a Tyler Smith mini-me".

– Not his physical build, but his play style and on-field demeanor.

– It is not surprising that the same people that drafted Tyler would draft Waletzko.

– He is a freakish athlete. His 9.96 RAS was 6th of 1218 OTs from 1987 to 2022.

– He was already within an NFL weight range when drafted (315).

Free Agent option:


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