Do fans ever “hang their cleats up”?

I’m a Cowboys fan who happens to like many of the offseason moves the Cowboys have made this year. Missed out some players I would have to have seen drafted, but other than that, I don’t really have much to complain about.

At the same time, I have my doubts about whether the Cowboys have done enough to catch up to the Eagles. The Eagles have been fortunate the past couple of seasons by getting rid of Carson Wentz and finding a sucker team to suck draft capital out of while scoring on their own QB in the 2nd round. So I’m not personally mad at the Eagles for being successful, just bad timing for the Cowboys.

Long story short, I’m optimistic that the Cowboys can get to at least the NFC championship, yet would not be surprised if we don’t. I don’t really know what the odds are for getting past the Eagles or getting deep into the playoffs or Super Bowl. I just know I am getting close to the end of my ropes. I don’t think I can recover from another playoff heartbreak. And yes I felt the same way during the end of the Tom Landry era and hopped right back in when the early 90s Cowboys broke the playoff futility streak and won a few SBs.

But you get to a certain age in life and you can no longer justify being miserable on Sundays or miserable each January. Feeling like you should have spent your Sundays doing more important things. That’s kind of where I’m at.

Just curious if other fans relate to that feeling.

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