What if: No kicker on game day

What if the Cowboys didn't carry a kicker?

– Either go for it on 4th or punt.

– 2 point conversions after TDs.

– Punter that can kick off.

Statistics indicate that teams would come out ahead in the long run with this approach.

– A high school coach made headlines a few years ago for always going for it on 4th down.

– Not sure if that was literally always, or if it was restricted to being on the favorable side of the 50 yard line.

A failed field goal is place at the spot of the kick.

– That's ~8 yards behind the line.

With the method I listed, they have the option to punt.

– If they are so close that punting into the endzone does not gain much, then failing by going for it does not lose much.

I think defenses and D-Coordinators would have that an offense always has 4 downs to convert.

– Envision all of the times the Cowboys made a big stop on 3rd down, then the opponent converted on 4th.

– I always want to opponent to punt in those situations.

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