Want Some Humor? Watch a typical Game Day Thread

If you ever need a little humor….just tune in to a typical Game Day thread here for a Cowboys game. I’m not knocking it at all. It’s just a stream of consciousness from many of our fans. It’s raw, honest, and even humorous most of the time.

It usually goes something…like this…

(Cowboys fail to get a first down on first drive)

  • “Kellen Moore is an idiot.”
  • “Terrible call.”
  • “Dak is terrible”
  • “Get ____ out of there”.
  • “This offense is a joke.”
  • “We get called for holding for that?”
  • “It’s over…not our day.” (13 min left in the first qtr)

(Cowboys score on a 10 play drive)

  • “Great call.”
  • “Where was that on the last drive?”
  • “This offense is unstoppable when ___plays like that.”
  • “Just run the ball.”
  • “Just pass the ball”
  • “Dak still sucks.”

(Our opponent makes a great play or drive on offense)

  • “This defense is NOT elite”
  • “Can’t stop anything”
  • Parsons needs to play safety”
  • “___ is just allowing himself to be blocked.”
  • “Refs just ignoring holding.”
  • “Fire Quinn”
  • “It’s over. Being dominated.” (10 min left in 1st qtr)

(Our defense gets a sack, forces 3 and out)

  • “Doomsday is back.”
  • “This defense IS elite.”
  • “This pass rush is the best in the NFL.”
  • “Parsons for President.”
  • “Quinn is a genius.”

(When offensive play doesn’t work because of missed block or dropped pass)

  • “Terrible call.”
  • “Playcalling kills us again”.
  • “Run the ball!”
  • “Where are the smart, quick pass plays from last week?”
  • “Pass the ball!”
  • “Moore trying to get cute”.

(When offensive play works for a big gain or TD)

  • “Great call”
  • “Why can’t we run that play more often?”
  • “That play works every time”
  • “Dak still sucks”.

(Other Random Quotes during Gameday thread)

  • “Refs screwing us as always”.
  • “Finally…we get a call”.
  • “We cannot let them score here.”
  • “If we don’t score here it’s over.”
  • “If they score here it’s over.”
  • “Mike McCarthy is a complete idiot”.
  • “McCarthy doesn’t get enough respect.”
  • “Sean Payton will be/won’t be here next year”
  • “I hate (name of announcer) because he loves ___ (after opponent makes great play) and hates the Cowboys.”
  • “Just punt on 3rd down. This O is terrible.”

Again, not knocking it at all. It’s loads of fun to watch every game with this level of entertainment going on.

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