Remember: Jerry doesn’t think like we do

I’m sure 99.9% of the Cowboys fans here on the Zone want to win a championship badly. We all have a hunger to see another Lombardi join the storied collection of the 5 others. There are dozens and dozens of threads that contain hope and realistic dreams of winning. And those dreams aren’t ridiculous. This roster is very good. It’s not out of the question to see this team go on a deep playoff run. I’m hopeful despite the last 28 seasons.

The biggest roadblock to that dream however is this: our owner/president/GM does not want to win as badly as we do. He doesn’t think like we do. Yes, I know JJ wants to win. He would love the spotlight of hoisting a Lombardi on SB Sunday while shouting, “We did it our way!”

But being motivated by doing whatever it takes to win a championship is stronger among us fans than with our owner. The strongest motivation he has are these two things:

  1. Being the face of the franchise from “jocks and socks” to the last detail of every penny. It’s why he’s an owner.
  2. Winning the “Forbes Championship” every season. He’s prouder of the fortune he’s made with this team than the 3 Lombardis he’s won.

So when any one of us fans think if we don’t have a winning season this year that Mike McCarthy is on the hot seat, think again. Jerry doesn’t think like we do. If we win or if we lose, Jerry Jones is going to do things “his way” with himself as the centerpiece. If winning a championship was THE goal, he would’ve made changes at the top a long time ago.

So as we prepare for another season, I still have hope we can go on a deep playoff run. We have a very good roster and I do think McCarthy is one of the best head coaches we’ve had since The Big Tuna or Jimmy. But if things go south and we somehow don’t make the playoffs, it won’t make Jerry as unhappy as it will us.

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