Some additional thoughts

…in no particular order. Just finished watching the game.

– had to go to sleep at half time yesterday because I had to work early today (Central european time). So when I did that the last time, the Cowboys turned around a bad game after haft time. Did it yesterday… so whenever they have a bad first half again, I'll go to bed. Instant win. 😀

– both faces of this team in one game this time: horrible first half, no way around it. Bad coaching, no game managing, bad throws, bad routes… BUT

and that's the key take away for me here: They came out of the locker room as a completely different team. And that's on coaching. They went back to what makes them successful, long drives, short yardages, good run game… defence picked up the pace too. Awesome

– Dak had a very good second half. Not only the throws, but stretching the drives is what brings success. We always say he needs to get the ball out faster. But this time quite a few examples for why keeping the ball as long as possible helps getting the receivers in good positions. He kept his cool under pressure and delivered some nice throws in the 2nd half

– way too many pre snap penalties – why? (that's also on coaching)

– Gallup back on track?

– Schultz as the safety valve? Kinda worked.

– hahaha, loved Fergusons jump over the defender in the 4th

– perfect Zeke – Pollard balance

– nice balance between shots for the high light reel and good old punding and grinding football

– when will we accept that our tight end group is good enough for any game this season? I'm not there yet but maybe I should be

– Maher… I guess below 50yrd field goals aren't worth your time anymore lol

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