McCarthy vs Payton: Edge Big Mac

I’m going to say it right up front- I don’t understand why so many Cowboys fans act as if Sean Payton is the next HC in Dallas because he’s “special”. McCarthy’s resume is almost identical, even better in some areas, AND- what’s he’s done the last two years is very impressive.

Yes, Big Mac needs to win some playoff games for sure. But IMO, he deserves a lot more credit than he gets around here.

So let’s look at resumes of McCarthy vs Payton:


  • AGE: 59
  • Regular Season Record- 154-96-2 (.615)
  • Record at Dallas- 29-19 (.604)
  • Playoff Record- 10-9 (.526)
  • Road playoff Record: 5-4
  • SB titles: 1


  • AGE: 58
  • Regular Season Record- 152-89-0 (.631)
  • Playoff Record- 9-8 (.529)
  • Road Playoff Record: 1-5
  • SB Titles: 1

Sorry, I just don’t get the Sean Payton as savior thinking. The resumes are almost the same. But- Big Mac has 5 ROAD PLAYOFF WINS TO PAYTON’S 1.

Barring a collapse in the next month, Mike McCarthy is back next year. And should be.

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