Jason Peters, Michael Gallup, Peyton Hendershot vs. Rams

Game 5 will likely come down to the trenches.

We've already seen Tyler Smith enter the scene and look like a seasoned vet at left tackle from the start. His success at LT is really one of the least talked about reasons for why Cooper Rush was even able to do what he's been doing.

Aside from pass protection, Tyler often moves his guy downfield so far, like on those Zeke runs to the outside, and even on Pollard's longer runs earlier this season, those were behind Tyler Smith.

I would point out that the offense goes as Tyler Smith goes, because I don't think this offense goes with the likes of Josh Ball, whether it be Dak Prescott or Cooper Rush playing quarterback.

He has really stepped up.

That said, I have three players who, in my book, are going to need to step up against the Rams, if we are to win, and, as the year goes on, if we're to compete in the playoffs. And I think all three of these players will be able to step it up.

Jason Peters. He's a vocal leader. I like how he's a fighter, and he likes to bring the pain with his game and takes the lead as a veteran leader with experience. And he's down to win. I want to see him get more involved against the Rams, who I think we can beat. No way they target Cooper Kupp 19 times and Diggs not eat. The thing with the Rams is that they like to get rid of the ball fast, no Romo juking around; it's really just Stafford taking a few steps, and mostly getting rid of the ball, scheming ways to get it to Kupp.

Peyton Hendershot is starting to get more recognition from opposing teams, because he's a big target who's difficult to take down sometimes. He needs to be a factor against the Rams.

To be successful, the Cowboys need several plays that are designed to scheme around each player: Gallup, Lamb, Brown, Hendershot, Schultz, etc.

Getting everyone involved will help them stay unpredictable.

In the past, Dak does well spreading the ball around and getting everyone involved. We've got to continue changing up our pre-snap motions every week and game planning ways to stay unpredictable, which we've done a good job of so far. And we should simplify our playbook each game, but have plays designed for each player.

If we're to beat the Rams, like we beat the WFTs, Michael Gallup will need to be the x-factor.

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