Tyron Smith, Zack Martin, Jason Witten and DeMarcus Ware all deserved a better FO

From 2011 when he was a rookie through about 2017 when he started getting those nagging injuries, Tyron Smith was my favorite Cowboys player. His dominance, athleticism and quiet commitment to excellence made him the kind of player we needed so much more of in Big D. I know Tyron’s injuries have made him a shell of what he was. Him moving on was not unexpected.

But seeing him sign with the jets tonight saddened me. Not just that he was leaving. But that we couldn’t have done more while he was here. Wish Tyron could have won a Ring. Wishing an all time great Cowboy all the best.

And after my sadness wears off, I can only shake my head when realizing we had 4 all time greats here for years – four guys who either are in or will be in the hallowed halls of Canton, Ohio – and were on teams that collectively won 4 wild card playoff games. Now that is even sadder than watching another HOFer in Ty Smith sail off to play for the jets.

The ineptness of this front office is beyond words. So I will just end this post with the same sadness I felt earlier this evening while thinking of all the wasted careers of some all time greats who deserved a better, more competent front office to surround them with enough to do better.

So long Tyron. You deserved better. Like Ware and Witten before you.

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