Kellen Moore compared to some other young OCs

It’s hard to believe but Jerry once declared a “rising young offensive mind” known as Kellen Moore was going to be a rising star in this league. Moore is now in his 4th season as an NFL offensive coordinator. He still looks like he’s in year one to me.

Can anyone say with a straight face he has improved or shown himself to be that “rising young offensive mind” he was advertised to be? That we know of, he’s interviewed for at least 3 NFL HC positions and several college jobs and has yet to be seen by anyone other than JJ as a great offensive mind.

Let’s do some comparing to some other young NFL OCs who have proven to be a lot more than Kellen Moore.

  • Sean McVey- under Mike Shanahan when he was in Wash, McVay became the OC in 2016 at age 28. He served in that role for 3 years before top shelf GM Les Snead of the rams saw his potential and made SMcV the youngest HC in NFL history. In his 5 years with rams, SMcV has won 7 playoff games including 2 NFC championships and a SB with two different QBs.
  • Kyle Shanahan- the current niners HC became an OC at aged 28 at Houston and later was an OC at Cle, Was and Atl. While in Atl, his offense won an NFC championship and afterwards he was hired by SF as it’s HC at age 37. His niners teams have won 4 playoff games the last 4 seasons (the same number our Cowboys have won in 27 years!) including an NFC championship.
  • Matt LaFluer– the HC of the packers was a rising young coach for years. He was the QBs coach in Atl when they went to the SB, then was OC under Sean McVay at LA in 2017 then later for the Titans. The pack hired in him in 2019 as their HC. He has only won 2 playoff games at GB in 3 seasons but that’s 2 more than Kellen Moore has won.

Whatever Jerry saw in Kellen Moore in 2019 to name him his OC at 28….it so far has been a dud. And when you look at the three guys mentioned above who were also considered “rising stars”, KM has a very long way to go be considered anywhere near what he was advertised to be.

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