Why I believe there’s no way this is a tear down-rebuild off-season

We are only a month into what is a full six months of the NFL‘s 2024 off-season calendar, and already many Cowboys fans are jumping to conclusions that may not be true. After Jerry’s infamous “All In” comments, many expected big changes in how this team approached the off-season. They of course haven’t surfaced.

And after the disappointing inactivity of this front office early in free agency, the loss of multiple FA starters to other teams, and a seeming willingness to let Dak Prescott play 2024 without a new contract or extension, some fans are seeing this as a “tear down and rebuild”. They see these signs as the team stripping it all down for a new QB, new HC, and rebuilt roster for 2025. In other words, some are seeing all this inactivity as a bigger plan to just clear the decks and start over.

I say there’s no way this FO is doing a tear down-rebuild. Why? Two reasons:

  1. In the Jerry Jones era since 1989, this front office has only done two deliberately planned rebuilds: One under Jimmy Johnson from 1989-1992 and the second under Bill Parcells from 2003-2006. The Jones FO has NEVER done a rebuild without a strong HC in charge because they can’t do it. (Anyone who says 2016 was a rebuild- it was an accident- not planned)
  2. Jerry and Stephen Jones literally do NOT know how to build a championship contending roster in the cap era. They have never done it. If they could do it, they would have already done it.

I of course could be wrong. Maybe JJ and SJ are spending this off-season just planning a complete re-tooling of this team’s future including a new QB and HC for 2025. But I don’t think so.

In fact, I predict this front office is planning on continuing their some old off-season approach of going cheap in FA, put all your improvement chips on the draft, and at the last minute re-sign the same QB that has gone 36-15 the last 3 regular seasons. I think that is a big mistake and one that will produce the same results we’ve been getting which is a WC playoff win every 4-5 years at best.

I understand why some fans are saying, “Big changes are coming.” I’m saying expect to see more of the same. I don’t like that and I hope I’m wrong. But why would we think the Jones boys suddenly “get it”, when we have three decades of evidence that say otherwise. Since SJ got a bigger say in what happens around here, when was the last big off-season “gamble“ this FO took?

Again, I hope I’m wrong.

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