Thoughts on the tough road loss-GB redo?

Thought this was going to be a real tight game where we would be able to win it late in the 4th quarter. This game was eerie similar to the GB overtime loss which hopefully won’t overshadow what’s to come. Another huge cushion created by the offense and yet the defense couldn’t hold it up. If this defense wants to be considered elite, they cannot allow this to happen and happen multiple times.


-First of all, all this Dak hate on this site is beyond ridiculous, do you watch the games? He was fantastic outside of one bad interception down near the goal line. When he needed to change the momentum and drive the entire field for the go ahead score he did it. The interception in OT hit the receivers hands and should of been caught, which would of been a 1st down.

-Receiving core is very, very suspect. Outside of Lamb who is looking like the player we thought we drafted, is anyone scare of us? Noah Brown is a good try hard receiver, but he is more of a 4th or 5th type on a winning club. He makes a lot of good plays, but struggles with those quick throws, this has happened a few times this year. Brown as the team’s deep threat is laughable. Michael Gallup is a shell of his former self, cannot get any separation and hasn’t caught one pass over 20 yards this season. There is a reason why the team signed Hilton and wants to also bring in Beckham, the group is average at best.

-Many wanted Jason Peters to become the Right Tackle starter, what I saw yesterday was a player who was more of a backup and struggled badly in pass protection. When Tyron was in the game, he was night and day better.

-Really questionable call by Kellen Moore late, have no problem trying to end the game with a pass, but a 50/50 ball to Noah Brown down the field? Dak should of either taken an easy reception or took a knee to force Jax to burn their last timeout.


-The loss of strong role players really showed up yesterday. From Hankins stopping the inside runs, from Lve’s run/coverage abilities and most importantly Brown on the outside. Many kill both Brown and Lve, but we see the value of them now. Barr looked slow and stiff, especially in coverage. Couldn’t of been more wrong about Joseph, his blown coverage turned around the game for Jax. We now are at red light concern at the position, which they must figure out before the playoffs.

-Where has the pass rush gone? Bob Strum on the athletic wrote a piece last week about the lack of pressure over the last few weeks and it could hurt them moving forward. At one point, both Jacksonville’s starting 2 tackles were out of the game, yet zero pressure. Jacksonville wasn’t throwing short passes, either. Outside of Sam Williams, don’t see any consistent pressure, what so ever. Parsons is a shell of his former self earlier in the season. If he fails to not be an impact defender, our defense is in big trouble. All the defense needed was 1 sack to finish the game and never got close. This defense is extremely overrated in my eyes, especially if they can no longer rush the passer. This is another area in flux.

-Defense just cannot give away a 17 point lead in the 2nd half. Don’t care about the Dak interception as they got the ball near mid field after the penalty. Finish the damn game!!

-One positive on defense, Bland is becoming a legitimate star. I wonder if they move him to the outside now and start Alexander in the nickel.

Special Teams

-Turpin has really struggled recently, his returns have been very poor.

Season isn’t over, the odds of the Eagles losing 2 games was looking very remote. Next week still is an important game, even though it doesn’t affect the standings, this team needs to regain confidence. What is important now is to stay healthy and start to play good football to get ready for the postseason. Getting into the playoffs in back to back seasons has been rare, so let’s enjoy the run!!

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