If this team fizzles again-the off-season was a big reason

Three games left. And the Cowboys are swooning in the same manner they did as last year. There’s plenty of blame to go around. Players, coaching staff, culture, etc. The usual suspects around here.

But if this team craters in the same manner as last year, I place a majority of the blame on the completely unaccountable front office who looks at the off season as a vacation on the yacht and looking at Will McClay’s scouting binders to select players for the draft.

While the GMs of teams winning playoff games are focused on winning now, Stephen Jones is focused on next years cap.

Our drafts have improved, but the use of Free agency to get better has not. The teams getting better in the off-season are led by young aggressive GMs whose jobs are on the line.

Hate to say it…but our chief divisional rival had a great off season. Their GM is the young and aggressive Howie Roseman. He had a fundamental understanding of what his team needed to get better. Look at his off-season moves compared to ours:

  • Roseman hired the young and aggressive Nick Sirianni as HC in 2021.
  • Roseman acquired WR AJ Brown in a trade, recognizing Jalen Hurts needed help to develop into a better passer. (Our FO cut Amari Cooper and replaced him with 3rd rd pick Jalen Tolbert, cheap FA James Washington- combined have 2 catches- both by Tolbert)
  • Roseman saw THIS SEASON as their year to make bold moves. (Stephen Jones is always worried about next year’s cap)
  • Roseman acquired LB Haason Reddick, an underrated player who has upgraded the eagles defense.(We signed DE Dante Fowler for a lot less- he has had almost zero impact)
  • In season, Roseman acquired Ndomincan Suh to upgrade their run defense (We acquired DT Jonathan Hankins for a 7th round pick. Not exactly bold.)

This could go on and on. The players, coaches and culture share some blame in Big D for underperforming. But it’s way more than that. The front offices of the better teams this year spent the off season saying, “We want to win now- what bold moves can we make?” Our front office says, “We want to win now BUT- we don’t want to hurt our cap for next year.”

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